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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

In this section, we have included answers to many of the most common questions asked by our customers. We hope this information helps.


If you do not find your answer or if you'd rather talk to us directly, please do not hesitate to contact us at 1-800-844-8325 or at info@vealco.com.


VCS Payment Policy

Q: Does VCS accept advance orders with payment to be made onsite?

A: Advance orders are only accepted with payment in full at the time the order is placed. VCS will not process orders without payment. Advance order prices will apply if your credit card is on file in or online ordering system. Your order can be changed or canceled up until the time that we have started the work necessary to complete your order. Freight Handling Services require a credit card on file. Please call our office with any special circumstances that we can help with.


Q: Does VCS accept purchase orders as payment?

A: VCS does not bill exhibitors and cannot accept a purchase order as payment. VCS accepts cash or credit card.


Q: What are my options for payment?

A: Cash, check or credit card. Freight Handling Service and Installation/Dismantling Service requires that a credit card be on file.


Q: How does VCS handle any refunds that may be necessary due to my overpayment or changes in my order?

A: VCS processes all refunds or credits after the show. Payments are usually refunded the same way that they are made. Credit card payments are refunded back to the credit card account and check payments are refunded by VCS check. Credit card refunds happen quicker due to the time required for checks to clear all banks.


Freight Handling Service



Q: What is “Freight Handling Service”?

A: Freight Handling service is also known as “Drayage Service.” It includes unloading your materials from the delivery vehicle, warehousing the materials, delivering the materials to your exhibit booth, storage of any empty containers during the show as requested, and reloading any re-packed materials onto to the outbound transportation at the end of the show.


Q: When should my “Advance Shipment” arrive at the VCS Warehouse?

A: Advance Shipments can arrive at the VCS Warehouse up to six weeks before the deadline stated in the Freight Handling Service Order Form for your show.


Q: How are the charges for the Freight Handling Service computed?

A: Charges for the Freight Handling Service are almost always determined according to the weight of the freight. The applicable rate (straight-time or overtime or crated or uncrated) is charged per hundredweight or CWT (which equals 100 pounds) with the weight of your freight being rounded up to the nearest 100 pounds. For example, if you ship a 375 pound crate for a show that sets up on the weekend, your charges would be the overtime rate multiplied by 4. The minimum charge is for 2 CWT.


Q: Does the VCS Freight Handling Service include my shipping costs to the VCS advance warehouse or direct to the show site?

A: No. Transportation and delivery of your freight to the VCS advance warehouse or directly to the showsite is not included as a part of the Freight Handling Service. Your carrier's charges for transporting your freight are a separate matter between you and your carrier. Note: VCS refuses collect shipments and reserves the right to charge your credit card on file for any costs incurred by VCS relating to your failure to pay transportation costs.


Q: What forms need to be completed to sign up for VCS Freight Handling Service?

A: For Freight Handling Service, you need to complete the “Payment Policy Form” and the “Freight Handling Service Order Form.” Both of these forms are included in your Exhibitor Manual. You can fax or email the completed forms to VCS.


Q: Do I have to use a certain carrier?

A: You can use any carrier that you choose. VCS recommends YRC, especially for ground freight.


Q: What information do I need to include on my freight's address label?

A: Please make sure that your address labels include your company's name and the name & date(s) of the show. If you have your booth number, please include it. If not, we will find it using the lists that we have. Marking the total number of pieces that make up the shipment is also extremely helpful; e.g., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3, etc.


Q: What if my freight is not in my booth when I get there?

A: Find your paperwork and any tracking numbers for the shipment(s). Confirm the address that your freight was shipped to. If it was the VCS Advance Warehouse address, you need to track your freight and confirm that they carrier delivered your freight to the advance warehouse. In order to help locate your freight, the VCS Service Desk will need the name of the carrier, the tracking numbers, the origin address (where it was shipped from) and the destination address (where it was hipped to). Other helpful information includes the description of the freight – number of pieces, weight, etc.


If your freight was shipped directly to the showsite, check with the VCS Service Desk to see if your freight has arrived or if your carrier has checked in with VCS.


Q: What is the procedure for shipping my freight back after the show is over?

A: Pack your materials. Label the materials with the destination address. Complete a VCS Bill of Lading and whatever paperwork your carrier requires. Present the completed VCS Bill of Lading to the VCS Service Desk and you will be checked out by the VCS representative. A VCS Bill of Lading must completed for each shipment. VCS is not responsible for outbound shipments that are not accompanied by a completed VCS bill of lading. The VCS Bill of Lading includes essential information and authorizes VCS to handle the outbound freight.


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Furniture and Accessories


Q: What comes standard with my exhibit booth?

A: Please refer to the Show Information page in your Exhibitor Manual. All standard equipment is listed and special notes are included regarding whether the particular exhibit hall is carpeted or not.


Q: Can I trade the standard equipment towards the cost of different or additional equipment?

A: No. The equipment that comes standard with your exhibit booth is provided as per the contract between VCS and show management. You can order any different or additional equipment directly from VCS using the forms in your Exhibitor Manual.


Q: What is the VCS policy regarding cancellation or refund as relates to equipment?

A: If the equipment has not been delivered to the booth, the exhibitor can cancel the order and VCS will refund the entire amount of the charges. No refund is available for graphics after they have been printed. No refund is available for carpet or padding.



Booth Carpet


Q: Is my booth carpeted?

A: Please refer to the Show Information page in your Exhibitor Manual. All standard equipment is listed and special notes are included regarding whether the particular exhibit hall is carpeted or not.


Q: What size carpet should I order for my booth?

A: Exhibit booths are usually sold in 10 foot by 10 foot units. VCS carpet is offered the same way.



Electrical Service


Q: If I need electrical service for my exhibit booth, how do I place my order?

A: Electrical service is most commonly provided by the facility where the show or event is taking place. In some facilities, VCS provides the electrical services. Please look in your Exhibitor Manual for more information regarding the provider of this service and the necessary ordering forms. You will need the username and password provided by show management or you can contact our office for this information.



Signs and Graphics


Q: What kind of sign comes with my booth?

A: With most packages, each exhibiting company receives a 7 inch tall by 40 inch wide identification sign with the exhibiting company's name as provided to VCS by show management.


Q: Can I have information added to the identification sign?

A: No. VCS offers signs and graphics in your Exhibitor Manual. See pics and info here. Contact us at 1-800-844-8325 for more information.



Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (“EAC”)


Q: What is an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)?

A: An “Exhibitor Appointed Contractor” is any provider of equipment or service other than the general contractor hired by show management. VCS serves as the general contractor hired by show management and, as such, is responsible for coordinating any EACs, confirming their insurance, and otherwise making sure that they abide by policies of show management and the facility. EACs often include photographers, florists, installation and dismantling labor from display houses, and equipment rental companies.


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