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Notes about Sending your Graphics, Images and Files


Images and Graphics Files

Images and graphics are best sent to us as high resolution pdf files. Please be sure to convert all fonts to outlines/paths and embed graphic images in the file and also include all supporting files such as fonts or other mechanicals in case of file corruption.



Logos are best sent to us as vector based files such as eps or tiff files. (If your logo or graphics use Pantone colors, include the PMS color information.)



Minimum resolution of 150 dpi at final output size is required. The dots that make your image will have to be stretched if your graphics have to be enlarged and higher resolution files are better for this purpose. Also, please note that image and graphics files downloaded from the web are low resolution and are not acceptable for printing purposes.



All artwork should be submitted in the CMYK (Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black) color mode; which is required for the printing process. Be aware that most desktop scanners, digital cameras, and video capture systems save files as RGB so it will be necessary for you to convert to CMYK. This can be accomplished in many ways, please consult your software manual for details. If an RGB (Red/Green/Blue) file is submitted, dramatic color shifts can occur when we convert to CMYK.



In your images and graphics files, always convert text to curves to eliminate font issues. If True Type fonts are used, they must be converted into pixels or outlines and the entire document saved as an EPS or TIFF. Include your screen and printer fonts as separate files when sending your graphics and images files. All fonts must be postscript fonts. True Type fonts are not acceptable in a postscript environment.



Ensure your graphics are submitted in the correct dimensions and proportions. Include a sufficient amount of bleed. Bleed is excess printed area (color or pattern) outside of the cut line. It allows the sign to be cut to size without the risk of any unprinted sign card appearing in the finished product.


Rush Jobs

We will do our best to accommodate any delays or changes but depending on our production schedule and demands of other customers, overtime or rush delivery charges may apply if your work is not submitted on time.


If you have any questions, please call and ask. We are here to help you.


Art Transmission

There are several options available for sending your files:

• Ask us to set up a DropBox shared folder for you

• Email files (10MB or less) to gail@vealco.com

• Use a file transfer service like yousendit.com or

  wetransfer.com or send a link to your FTP site.

Click here for Specs Sheet

Please contact gail@vealco.com for exact sizes or for any questions you may have